Coffee Story

Coffee is one of the most widespread drinks on earth, found nearly everywhere in this world. There is hardly a culture where it is not entrenched, one of the first things billions of hands reach for every morning.

There are 3 most common coffee species; Arabica (Coffea Arabica) , Coffee Robusta (Coffea Canephora) and Liberica (Coffea Liberica). However Hang Tuah Coffee uses only Robusta and Liberica coffee for all our products. This is due to the characteristics of he two that fits and is suitable with the product taste profile.


Robusta grows out like an umbrella and it grows easily in mild environment. 25-40% of coffee consumed in this world are from Robusta bean type. Its characteristics of high maintenance in caffeine gives it an advantage hence it is used in coffee mixes & instant coffee to give the drink a strength. Its rich body and full flavor enhances your coffee experience.



Liberica coffee grows in small group of plants and it produces large berries. The name itself carries the origin of the coffee, Liberia. Although the amount of Liberica coffee grown throughout the world is much lesser than robusta, it is still largely grown in Western Africa and Malaysia. Liberica have a unique, exceptional taste of ripe berry and toned sweetness. It is bold and flavorful which makes it an ultimate choice for passionate coffee lover.


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