Our Core Business

Syarikat Hang Tuah Sdn. Bhd. is experienced in producing Kopi-O. Kopi-O is pronounce as “copy-oh”. Although there are myths related to its origin, but mainly the word “O” comes from a Hokkien word that brings the meaning of black, and “kopi” is a Malay word for coffee.

Just like in many parts of the world, drinking coffee has become a culture in Malaysia. Since 1955, Hang Tuah Coffee has blended itself to the Malaysian culture and it has been the favorite choice of Malaysian beverage for many years.

Core Business

Since 1958, our core business is ground coffee (Kopi–O) and since then, our business has grown in line with the modernization of culture and demand which inspired us to produce other products such as the instant coffee mix (2 in 1) and recently, instant coffee mix (3 in 1).

Core Value

We believed that making the best coffee is an art. Thus, our goal is to grow, roast and produce the highest standards coffee. Our promise is not to compromised on the quality and at the same time keeping the cost price economical for the benefit of our coffee lovers

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