What is Kopi-O

By definition, Kopi-O means black coffee served with sugar. The coffee beans are roasted with sugar & butter/margarine to enhanced the rich aroma and flavor.

Kopi –O is traditional coffee commonly served in Malaysia and Singapore.

Making coffee is an art. Hence, Our Kopi-O is crafted carefully starting from selecting the best coffee beans available until the last drop in the cup while keeping in mind the value for our coffee lovers. Since 1958, Hang Tuah Coffee has maintained its stringent quality and careful selection of coffee. Robusta & Liberica coffee beans is are chosen because of its unique characteristics of strong flavor and aroma. These two types of coffee beans are the best type for instant coffee mix which gives the coffee more strength compare to Arabica.

Core Business

Since 1958, our core business is ground coffee (Kopi–O) and since then, our business has grown in line with the modernization of culture and demand which inspired us to produce other products such as the instant coffee mix (2 in 1) and recently, instant coffee mix (3 in 1).

Core Value

We believed that making the best coffee is an art. Thus, our goal is to grow, roast and produce the highest standards coffee. Our promise is not to compromised on the quality and at the same time keeping the cost price economical for the benefit of our coffee lovers

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